Have RIBA members been mislead by the CE and the President?

Peter Kellow

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Candidate for RIBA Council

RIBA Council Elections 2018
European Seat

I am standing for the International Seat and due to AN ERROR BY ELECTORAL REFORM many voters found that the webpage did not allow them to vote for this seat. This has been corrected

ALL MEMBERS wherever located can NOW vote for me

On the 12 June 2018 all members of the RIBA received this reassuring message from Alan Vallance, Chief Executive, and Ben Derbyshire, President -

The RIBA has agreed a partnership with LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group, to support the future growth of our commercial arm, RIBA Enterprises Ltd, which trades as NBS. 

The RIBA is pleased to have agreed this significant partnership on behalf of our members. In NBS, we created a highly attractive market-leading business, and as an Institute prioritising support for our members and the delivery of our wider charitable objectives, the trustees agreed it is the right time to work in partnership with an experienced investor to ramp up its potential.

LDC's investment will enable NBS to further develop its products and support its overseas growth, and our members will continue to benefit from our ongoing involvement in the business.

Owen Luder, Past President, and Joseph Conteh RIBA published in The Times 31 July 2018 -

We are concerned that the Royal Institute of British Architects has been very badly misgoverned and financially mismanaged, certainly improperly and possibly illegally over the past decade.

This has resulted in the acute financial problems that have had to be resolved by the large cash injection produced from the sale of a large part of the RIBA commercial company, RIBA Enterprises.

Without that injection in June the RIBA would have been technically if not actually bankrupt

If Mr Luder and Mr Conteh are correct then the entire membership has been soft-soaped and mislead by its Chief Executive and its President

If this is so then this situation is intolerable and members should call for the immediate resignation of both

I have always been the candidate for honesty and openness at the RIBA. Are you satisfied that we have honesty and openness?

Voting closes TOMORROW Tuesday 7 August 2018 at 5pm.



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